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Asmax Packers and Movers provides valuable services to individuals, families and corporate residing and willing to relocate in different parts of India. From shifting houses, offices to moving your valuable and luxury car, we offer a complete moving package. We also have facilities like moving insurance and warehousing of goods as per the clients needs. Have a look at some of the prominent services we offer:


Asmax Packers and Movers are the best packers and movers service in India. Do u have a lot of furniture in your house and are you worrying about how to shift them to your new abode? Dealing with a busy schedule and don’t have time to pack up your things properly to continue with the moving process? You wish it could be a bit easier?

Don’t waste your time by pondering over it much. Asmax Packers and Movers is here to help. Be it heavy pieces of furniture or the costliest of glassware; we help you with the packing and deliver it to your doorstep efficiently. Packers and Movers service in India provides you with the best of services in the whole of India.a.Type your paragraph here.

Our specialty is that we are fully aware of all the routes, highways connecting the major cities and the traffic problems that everyday people suffer. Delivery of goods doesn’t take much of time when the drivers are familiar with all the limitations and conditions of the roads all over. Time is one of the most important of things in a man’s life and we do respect that. The officials of the best Packers and Movers service in India. see to it that all of our clients’ goods are delivered well before the extended time period; the time is well discussed and written on the papers while finalizing the deal itself. We don’t believe in waiting.

Customers need not worry at all about the safety of their belongings. Utmost care is taken while packing; wrapping them up in newspapers and bubble-wraps. They are then uploaded on the goods carrier by our professional workers. Glassware items are handled with care and no damage is caused to any stuff. Books and files are neatly stacked up in piles, tied up and then arranged in cartons. We are totally professional and are adept at what we do for our clients.

Asmax packers and movers are the best relocation service in India. We are well known in these parts of the country because of the transparency in our dealings. The rising price of fuels and commodities is already proving a burden to us all. We being in the business world; would not like to lose on in our dealings with the clients. Thus, we maintain a fixed rate for the ‘moving’ process along with the taxes levied on the transportation of goods and the distance covered in kilometers. There is no hidden cost for any kind of extra services. Everything is discussed in detail before signing up the papers so that our customers don’t feel cheated after the deal is done.

The best relocation service in India provides you with the best service and the following points support this fact :

Packers and Movers India is the fastest ‘moving’ service in India
Our business group undertakes shifting in and outside of India too.
Our deals are based on the present market rates without any conditions on them.
The employees of Packers and Movers in Mumbai serve you in the most professional of manners and are efficient in their field of work.

Just give us a try. Fill up the form on our website and we will provide you with a free quote. We are sure that you will get back to us with a smile on your face. And that is precisely what we are working for.

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Shree RK Packers and mover Thane: Situated to the north-east of Mumbai, Thane is known as the city of lakes. Going through recorded past, the city has made its identity under different names. We, Asmax Packers and Movers in thane, situated at Thane, Maharashtra (India) are one of the major office and house shifting companies providing exceptional transport Services, Packing, moving, loading and unloading. Not just in Thane, but we are well known as one of the most reliable Home packers and movers in Mumbai.

The purpose of consumer fulfillment is always managed for as the services are offered only after assessing the demand of the customers. The foremost aspect of our service is the cost affordability, thus you obtain a trouble free moving at very acceptable costs. Get your Free moving quote Now!

Make your house shifting in Thane a relaxed event !

Make use of the expertise of Asmax Packers and Movers. If you engage us to pack the goods then our professional team can easily perform that for you. Our trusted and friendly moving staff is a eligant team you can depend on to make sure that the day of packing and moving goes perfectly. Need house or office shifting at quick notice? Weekends, late nights or public holidays? Need storage and warehousing services for your goods? You are welcome!

Asmax and movers network stretches all over the country, using ready to shift fleets of trucks and professional service personnel. Moreover, adopting of cutting-edge technology helps us to manage special online monitor & trace system. RK Packers & Movers Thane recognizes the extent of demands involved and will certainly handle the step throughout, whether it is in India or an international relocation. We are the experts in offering local shifting services in a most speedy and hassle-free way. Varying from packing to finally rearranging the goods at the preferred location, every little thing is carried out in the organized and systematic method.

Asmax Packers and Movers Thane is committed to providing excellent packing and moving services. We are often known for our artistic packing of household items ensuring their safety and timely delivery .We also unpack and organize the delivered goods at your desired place. For finest quality of services, Asmax Packers and Movers Thane are the reliable company in pune. Contact us at 91- 9833000408 to make your moving experience a memorable one with us.


Our special service includes handling of immovable cars like antiques that are often the prized possessions of families across generations. Asmax Packers & Movers are adept at transporting all kinds of vehicles in every variety of size and shape. Our service of car transportation Mumbai is one of a kind in India.

We undertake all kinds of car transportation in Indiia. Whether you want to transport an antique car to another location across the city or whether you want to transport your beloved car to some other city or across the country, Asmax Packers and Movers  provide you with the best deal that is unparalleled in the industry. 

Car Carrier Service -

Car Carrier Service in Mumbai 

Car Carrier in Mumbai

Car Transport in Mumbai

Car Shifting in Mumbai 

Car Carrier Service in Pune 

Car Carrier in Pune

Car Transport in Pune

Car Shifting in Pune

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Car Carrier in Bangalore

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Car Shifting in Bangalore

Car Carrier Service in Delhi

Car Carrier in Delhi

Car Transport in Delhi

Car Shifting in Delhi

Car Carrier Service in Hyderabad

Car Carrier in Hyderabad

Car Transport in Hyderabad

Car Shifting in Hyderabad

Some of the highlights of our service includes :

Noting down and taking snapshots of any previous scratches or dents in the body of the car in the presence of the owner.
Signing a written contract related to the safety of the concerned car.
Photocopying the necessary documents of the car in order to take prove the legal transportation of the car if any situation arises.
Loading the car into the trawler by experienced workers so as to prevent any scratches or dents.
Blocking the front and the rear wheels of the car by stoppers to prevent them from rolling during the transportation.
Safe unloading at the desired location.
Wiping the dust or dirt off the car that may have accumulated during the transportation process.

All these services come to you at a fixed price and without any applied conditions. Our deals are transparent and no extra money is charged for any services mentioned above. Our transparent dealings coupled with the best work force ensure that we remain at the top of the list when it comes to car transportation in India.

Our requirements:

For transporting your beloved car, we do not ask for lengthy paper work. All we need is two photocopies of any government issued identity card and two passport sized photographs. We shall also need photocopies of the RC book of your car and the photocopies of insurance papers.

Get a free quote for transporting your car right away. Fill up a simple form on our website and get an estimation from our employees immediately.


Here are a few of the services that we offer along with the general packing and moving service:

Packing your valuables in newspapers and bubble wraps to make them shock proof during the journey.
Tying your valuables securely to prevent them from toppling over on the pot hole ridden roads in our neighborhood.
Loading your luggage safely and securely to the truck by experienced workers
Transporting your valuables to the desired destination
Providing timely delivery as per written contract provided to you
Unloading the goods and installing them as per your requirements at your new place

Apart from these, we also offer you the best competitive rate that includes all the above services at no extra cost.

We, at Asmax Packers and Movers, the best corporate office relocation service, own a fleet of young and energetic experts who know how to relocate an office with minimum disruption. They have practical experience of all varieties of shifting. We are expert in moving office equipment, documents, inventory and other stuff.

We take care of every single item that is to be moved to the new location. We know the importance of record management and custom crating and therefore, perform it with utmost precedence.

Our packers use the best quality packing material, bubble sheets, soft material, boxes and cargo. We make sure that you receive everything in the right condition. We know that you trust us for the best quality service and hence, never deviate from the quality standard.

We believe in continuous improvement and always have retrospective analysis of our services. We have highly skilled labors and supervisory people to ensure smooth transition. We move the office material and equipment locally and across cities and states in India.

We understand your entire corporate office relocation service needs. We are the best corporate office relocation service and understand the essence of time and the loss of work which might occur during transit. Our fast service does not let your official work suffer just because you had to relocate.

Visit our website to know more about our exemplary services. Fill up the online form with your name and contact details for a fast and free quote. And we assure you that it will be the end of your shifting woes.


We are providing complete services related to carrying and forwarding of the consignments at the most economical price like:

  • Freight Forwarding Services
  • Air Freight Forwarding Services
  • Clearing and Freight Forwarding
  • Custom House Agents
  • Shipping Agents etc.

We have been providing excellent freight forwarding services all across the globe per the requirement and specifications of the clients, and we also ensure that the packing of the consignments are proper and are not tampered any where.


All kinds of insurance terms and conditions as laid by the insuring companies are made clear to our customers before the goods are packed and made ready to be shipped or loaded into our vehicles. The insurance comes into effect immediately when our representative and our customer sign on the dotted line. We then set to work and carry out the packing and moving and storing services as mentioned in the contract.

There are mainly two types of insurance available when it comes to packaging and moving services:

Transit insurance – This is the most common type of insurance offered by the insurance companies. A certain premium is charged on the declared value of the items and goods. Compensation is made by the company immediately in the case of claims arising out of accidents. In transit insurance only accidents are covered.
Comprehensive insurance – the company provides comprehensive insurance. Under this specific kind of insurance, compensation is made for any kind of damages with the exception of scratches on the goods or artifacts. A certain premium is charged for this insurance. Special cover for glassware or other fragile items are also available. For this kind of extra cover, additional premium is liable to be paid.

Our insurance team sets to work immediately in case of any claim arising from our clients. Our team ensures that the client need not be put under additional stress and our team also strives to get the company compensate the insurance amount as early as possible. Our team handles all the paper work on behalf of our client to save their valuable time and money.

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